101 Random UX Tips – Practical bits for novices and experts


It began with one random tip via LinkedIn, or a passionate rant if we’re being honest. I had observed a few designers perform Competitive Analysis at a critical stage in the design process and needed to share my thoughts. The post went viral in a matter of hours and that was how the “Random UX Tips” series was born. To this day, I continue to post these tips for the benefit of designers worldwide. The past decade as a Senior UX Designer leading and building teams and experiences has taught me a great deal of lessons that only experience could teach.

Fast forward several months later, I have documented 101 useful tips that I believe every User Experience or Interface Designer should know. These are also realities I wish I knew earlier on in my career. Every designer’s process is different, but certain truths prove useful across the board for a successful journey.

The pages of this book are filled with practical tips, lessons, techniques, concepts, ideas and tricks to enable designers understand and excel at their duties for the benefit of the company, user and – for the enjoyment of the designer. I had an incredible time putting this together for you all, I hope you find it useful and beneficial as you build amazing things! – William Ntim