101 Random UX Tips – Practical bits for novices and experts


It began with one random tip via LinkedIn, or a passionate rant if we’re being honest. I had observed a few designers perform Competitive Analysis at a critical stage in the design process and needed to share my thoughts. The post went viral in a matter of hours and that was how the “Random UX Tips” series was born. To this day, I continue to post these tips for the benefit of designers worldwide. The past decade as a Senior UX Designer leading and building teams and experiences has taught me a great deal of lessons that only experience could teach.

Fast forward several months later, I have documented 101 useful tips that I believe every User Experience or Interface Designer should know. These are also realities I wish I knew earlier on in my career. Every designer’s process is different, but certain truths prove useful across the board for a successful journey.

The pages of this book are filled with practical tips, lessons, techniques, concepts, ideas and tricks to enable designers understand and excel at their duties for the benefit of the company, user and – for the enjoyment of the designer. I had an incredible time putting this together for you all, I hope you find it useful and beneficial as you build amazing things! – William Ntim

About the Author

William Ntim is a Senior UX Designer at The Home Depot. He has spent nearly a decade leading, creating and launching design solutions at small to large-sized corporations including HostGator, Farouk Systems, Cornell University, Ellie Mae, Zurvita, ScaleFactor and BoomWriter. Will is an entrepreneur and has founded companies including The Young Houston Magazine, and Pledgr. He invented the Square Neck T-Shirt and owns its US Design Patent.


He is a critical thinker with a frontend development background, a founder, speaker and a coach. In his downtime, he enjoys mentoring designers on best practices and the realities of a UX practitioner.

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Here are a few testimonials from designers across the world about how the Random UX Tips have been helpful to them:

William Ntim Love this! The dailyui challenge was really fun to work through without factoring in a great deal of functionality. Deep-diving into design systems has also definitely expanded my component-centered design knowledge. The design systems repo is fun to explore beyond the big name design systems! – Rachel W.

Thank you for sharing practice resources to keep our design skills up to par. It is so important to continue to practice and stay on top of trends and the user’s experiences as technology are so rapidly changing! – Brea G.

Yes, 100% YES. I’m still a UX/UI student, but public speaking is the skill I noticed that has played a big role throughout my learning experience as a designer. I have to continuously explain and talk about my designs, ideas and work to my mentor/colleagues. I was quite shy talking at first, but soon realized confidence is key to making lasting impressions, lasting impressions are due to inspiration created from great public speaking. -Lynete

Then after a killer presentation, *mic drop* 😉 Lol I feel like sometimes you’re speaking to me directly with these UX tips. Bc they always have immediate relevance. Just presented to some stakeholders yesterday asking for permission to interview. I’ve received some positive feedback, but there is always room to improve! -Veronica

Not just for UX, but for life in general. Thanks for the tips, keep them coming! -Ryan

“The future started yesterday, don’t be late.” -Hits me close to home; I don’t know why, but I needed this! Thank you!

This advice is totally rad. To date, we have yet to locate a single person that has crawled out of the womb as a seasoned UX Designer. Be proud of the battles you fought in your past that have forged the skills you bring to the table today. 💪 -Rob

That’s a great tip William Ntim ! Boosts my confidence while trying to shifting from an Exhibition Design background to a UX researcher profile! – Poorvi

I have made this mistake! And feeling the pain now.  As stated earlier by someone “Copy/Paste Syndrome” and now trying to slowly recover from it by positing he brand differently!  Thanks for the reminder! 🙂 -Blendi

Sample Random UX Tips

A few tips that spurred the entire series: